First Baptist Church, Milford CT

First Baptist Church, Milford CT


 Black History Facts in Our Church History #1

Did you know? 

First Baptist Church of Milford Connecticut has been blessed by 21 ministers of the Gospel, in its history to serve its congregation, providing the spiritual sustenance that has sustained the church and its membership for 125 years (1893- present)!  

In the order of their service those Church Pastors were: 

Reverend C. W. Fields

Reverend W. A. Harrod

Reverend J. D. Erwin

Reverend B. W. Williams

Rev. Edward Blackwell

Reverend D. Banks

Reverend Charles P. Hudson

Reverend W. Fisher

 Reverend Charles Moss

Reverend J. R. Douse

Reverend Harry Woods

Reverend Wyatt Minton

Reverend Emanuel S. Branch, Jr.

Reverend Walter Hundley

Reverend William Jackson

Reverend Charles D. Walker

Reverend Timothy L. Careathers

Reverend Earl L. Middleton

Reverend Carleton Joseph Giles 

Reverend Doctor Calvin E. Robinson, Jr.

Reverend Horace A. Hough


Black History Facts from Our Church History #2

 Notes from our own church history 


Did you know?

                In the year of our Lord, 1893, persons of African American descent were searching for a place in Milford in which they could worship. Many of them traveled for years on horseback, in buggies, carts or wagons, taking any means available to travel to New Haven, 10 miles away, to worship at Immanuel Baptist Church with other people of color. Milford residents traveled to New Haven and stayed not only for the morning service, but for the afternoon services as well. These families brought their meals and ate before beginning the long ride back to their homes in Milford. Adversity, hard times and a lack of economic resources did not stop the founding members of this church from searching and finding their own place of worship in Milford. The founding fathers were Alexander A.R.B. Taylor, Frank Wallace and George Fayerman. All were inspired by the messages God sent through the Reverend Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., who served as the Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church from 1889-1893. His dynamic sermons motivated and encouraged our founding fathers to continue in their quest for a church home in Milford.


            The first place of worship was a room on the second floor of a building on Daniel Street. The church incorporated under the
laws of the State of Connecticut in 1895. In the same year, our forefathers purchased land at 28 and 32 North Street. This area later became part of Milford’s Historical District. The larger of the two buildings purchased had formerly been a school, a factory and a general store. The small congregation converted part of their purchase into First Baptist Church. The church steeple and stained glass windows were added later, along with a coat of white paint.


            The old church served the members well for more than 70 years. In 1965, a building program began for a new church under the pastorate of Reverend Charles D. Walker. Deacon Judge Walker was a member at that time, having been ordained a deacon at First Baptist by Rev. William Jackson in 1959, some 50 years ago. Sister Leona (Skippy) Mitchell and her husband, the late William (Billy) Mitchell were also members. Brother and Sister Mitchell and Deacon Walker were counted among that group of 56 church members who began the quest for building a new building on North Street, allowing the saints to come, worship and praise God with adoration.


The building effort was called “An Adventure in Faith” and was mounted not only by the 56 members of our church, but also by the entire Milford Community. The new church was completed on May 19, 1968. We are blessed to worship and praise God in these walls today.

First Baptist Church

28 North Street

Milford, Connecticut

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”  (Matthew: 5:16, KJV)