Men's Ministry Schedule

Updates and study topics will be communicated by email to those on the email distribution list. Email to add/update email, add phone number for contact (or text messaging if preferred) or simply check for clarity on activities.


Mission Statement
The mission of the men's ministry of First Baptist Church is to develop, sustain and practice a faithful and evangelical ministry that is focused on encompassing to the extent possible the talents of ALL men of the church as well as a vigorous outreach to men in our community at large. Our goal is to build ourselves into a community of Christian disciples, who, through the Holy Spirit, reflect Christ's unconditional love in all areas of our lives.
  • Unite men through Bible study, prayer and fellowship
  • Provide mentoring for our youth
  • Be a resource to other First Baptist Church ministries
  • Collaborate with ministries outside our church on programs to advance the propagation of our Christian faith.
  • Motivate men to practice their ministry at home, at work and in the community
  • Help men become more aware of their God-given talents and gifts and the meaning and purpose of their church membership
  • Faithfully and proactively address opportunities for service in our church and the broader community